What is spiritum.com?

Spiritum.com is a worldwide esoteric service. On our website you can connect with the World’s most famous Psychics in your native language. Spiritum.com gives its members daily help and advice according to their lives. Advices is personalized for every member. We offer free chat to everyone who visits our website and unlimited free chat to our members. In that way you can build knowledge of our psychics. Members can also ask for a private reading with a choosen psychic. In this case you have the opportunity for a private two-way video chat.

Our psychics

We recruit only the very best, real and authentic local talent in each country, and we also continually monitor to ensure the highest standards, we never use pre prepared scripts and we don’t accept fakes!

Our esoteric experts are the very best available, and came to our community because they share a common passion with us, for convenient, authentic, accurate and fast advice. Our psychic experts may have studied and mastered ancient practices like astrology tarot, and numerology, or may have been born with remarkable intuitive abilities. Whichever, our community of psychics are truly only the very best of the bests.

Our Company

spiritum.com’s parent company, Eso.tv is the world's leading producer of live, interactive life advice TV shows. Presently we are producing over 750 hours of live shows each month, broadcast in 14 countries. Our broadcasts, community of psychics and members grow every month.

Our psychic advice

Every single person, every individual in the world have their own private feelings, and motivations and everybody wants to have a better life. Spiritum.com gives the opportunity for psychic advice, for ideas and solutions, which can be helpful in the daily life of everybody. Our psychics can help you to see more clearly your future plans, your love life, your career opportunities, your health and your life in general. Our advice, in every single case, is personalized to the member who asks the question.

Psychics have had a close and near contact to the spirit world since the beginning of time. The ancient world’s most famous psychics in the Greek village Delphoi also knew, that the key for the future is laying inside. On the wall to the oracle place stood Gnothi Seauton – Know thyself. Knowing the future is nothing more than knowing ourselves. Like their past, every single individual holds within himself his own future – which is not final and determined yet, but flexible and shapeable, if we manage to recognize the major directions and tendencies.

spiritum.com is an internet video-chat service that uses the best technology to bring the best psychics to its members. The service provides live chat and privat video-chat to its members without the need for special equipment. You may use the service in the privacy of your own home with just a computer or laptop and internet connection.

The future is in yourself – Spiritum helps you to find the best way!